The 99% Take over the Wells Fargo Annual Shareholder Meeting

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The 99% Take Over Wells Fargo Shareholders' Meeting

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

We are a coalition of homeowners, clergy, immigrant rights advocates, unions, occupy groups, tenant rights groups and residents from some of the hardest hit communities in the Bay Area and across the country. This action is part of a national series of mobilizations at big bank shareholder meetings. We intend to make history, win positive change for the 99%, and push to end the rule of the 1%.

We hope you will join us.


We encourage people planning to engage in nonviolent direct action to attend nonviolent direct action training. The trainings will cover: risking arrest, role-playing actions, legal consequences and details of the April 24th action. Please let us know if you can attend the training (but it is ok to just show up.)

Saturday April 21, 10am to 1pm:

Local 87 in SF, 240 Golden Gate, (near Civic Center BART/MUNI). For more info contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Monday April 23, 6pm to 9pm:

California @ Montgomery, near Montgomery BART (NOTE: this is an outdoor training in conjunction with the Occupy Wells Fargo/Teach-In and there may not be chair seating. Please dress warmly.)

Tues April 24, 8am to 10am:

Justin Herman Plaza, North side, near the amphitheater/fountain. This training will take place just before the 10am March.


Everyone who is up to participate in the nonviolent direct action at Wells Fargo on April 24th is asked to attend this Action Coordination Meeting to get key updates, legal info and to coordinate with others.
WHEN: Sat April 21, 2:30-4:30pm
WHERE: Contact < This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. > for San Francisco location. \n This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. >


1) Stop the Wells Fargo Bank Shareholders' Meeting from occurring and convene a People’s Stakeholder Meeting.
2) Amplify the stories of all of us directly impacted by Wells Fargo’s predatory practices.


We will demand the redress of the following grievances with Wells Fargo, which is profiting at the cost of our communities:

  • America’s Biggest Tax Dodger – Hoarding billions of tax dollars that should be paying for public and community services and putting America back to work
  • Foreclosure Leader – Continuing to foreclose on families in an economy it helped to collapse
  • Predatory Lender – Targeting those who can least afford it with exploitative mortgages and payday lending, especially the low-income communities of color
  • Corruptor of our Democracy – Protecting their own profits by quadrupling spending on self-serving lobbying since the financial crisis began
  • Prison Profiteer – Profiting from increased incarceration by investing heavily in for-profit prison corporations and anti-immigrant legislation


Wells Fargo Annual General Shareholders' Meeting is planned to take place on Tuesday April 24 at 1pm on the 15th Floor of the Merchants Exchange Building, 465 California (at Montgomery) across the street from Wells Fargo Headquarters at 420 Montgomery in San Francisco's Financial District. If the shareholder meeting does take place, we will have people inside with proxies who are connected to our coalition to attend on our behalf.


We are asking all participants in the April 24 mass mobilization to agree to remain nonviolent and to refrain from damaging property.


There are multiple ways to participate;

  • MARCH, RALLY, PROTEST: you can join the march and rally if you do not intend to risk arrest, and can support folks engaging in nonviolent direct action.
  • PICKETS: there will be some pickets near entrances to the shareholders' meeting, which will involve minor risk of arrest, but the intention here is to disperse.
  • NONVIOLENT DIRECT ACTION: this will involve sitting-in and blockading to shut down the Wells Fargo shareholder meeting and involves risking arrest.
  • NONVIOLENT DIRECT ACTION SUPPORT: Groups that are risking arrest are also asked to have one or more of their own support people to: have names, birth dates and contacts for everyone in their group risking arrest, keep track of their folks before, during and after the arrest and to be in touch with the Legal Support. A good checklist and related information can be found at


We encourage everyone to form or join a group. Your organization, friends, co-workers, occupiers, classmates, congregation, neighbors or folks from your nonviolent direct action training can be an affinity group. Being part of a group allows us to be well organized, effective and take care of each other. Ideally, each group includes one or more folks who will not risk arrest and who can provide support at the action.


The National Layers Guild and Occupy Legal will be providing legal support for this action. This includes the presence of legal observers (wearing bright green caps) to: document any problems with the police; provide legal briefings; staff a legal hotline number; and have attorneys on-call for those arrested. More info at

LEGAL HOTLINE 415 285 1011

Twitter: #WF24 #WFShareholders

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