It is highly probable that everyone has heard about bitcoin because it pops up in the newsfeed and in the papers almost every single day. It has been estimated that at least one in five people world over have either heard about cryptocurrencies or has already dabbled in some or other form. This indeed looks like a big number.

Cryptocurrencies are extremely popular:

Ever since cryptocurrencies have been introduced, its popularity has grown by leaps and bounds. It is speculated that in the last five years alone, the value of cryptocurrencies has cumulatively grown almost about 600 times of its original value! This kind of value-added growth is able to attract a huge number of traders who have tried their hands on various other market derivatives but have not been as successful.

It is estimated that the number of traders who exclusively trade in cryptocurrencies is slate to grow exponentially. There are lots of ways that a trader can make money in this line of trading. Storing, exchanging for goods and services and also transferring in a block chain are only some of the ways to make a good amount of money from it.

Cryptocurrencies are bereft of any governmental control:

There is a basic reason why the cryptocurrency trade is so competitive and attractive. The government plays no role whatsoever in any transaction that involves cryptocurrencies. The acquisition and the transferring of the currency as an online medium of exchange for goods or services bought do not involve a middle agent. This has the positive impact of saving on any kind of processing fee that could have been levied by the agent and also the transaction is over in milliseconds as opposed to a long drawn process if a third party agent was involved in the middle.

Cryptocurrencies can be used just like ordinary money:

This cryptocurrency is a virtual currency but apart from this distinction, it can be used exactly in the same way as normal currency. Buying goods and/or services with cryptocurrency is as effective as a medium if exchange as the normal currency that we use in our day to day lives; only that this is virtual.

Here is a list of four important cryptocurrencies that have become immensely popular in a very short period of time.

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Ripple
  • Litecoin.

Experts believe that investing in the above list of cryptocurrencies is one of the safest investment strategies that a trader can try; whether he is a seasoned trader or a beginner. However, a lot of the trader’s success in this trade relies on the platform that he chooses. A little experience and aptitude are all that is needed to do extremely well in this field.

Cautionary Notice:

Like any investment in the digital forums, buying, storing and circulating cryptocurrencies is subject to extreme market risk. The trader must exercise prudence and do his homework well before investing anywhere. The trader must invest only the money that he can safely afford to lose.