When comes to running a business, it is important to have an eye on all factors that would affect the performance of a business in all ways. It is important to know them in detail so that a businessman would be able to understand the market and change and modify his business operations as per the changes in the market. Now generally there are few things that go unnoticed and the business people tend to avoid such simple things having an eye on only the important and big factors. Here are those important four factors that need to be paid attention to.


in every single activity of ours, there is some sort of credit involved in one or the other way. When we wish to buy a car, most of us try to go in for financing from the banks or financial institutions and try to pay them in the form of regular EMI`s. This goes for anything big we buy. Similarly, grocery shops get finances to stock goods on their shelves and they are bound to pay the banks the interests. Now flexibility provided by the banks and financial institutions are directly affected and impacted by the changes in the market conditions. Now when the markets fail and start going low, there is uncertainty which increases the risks. Now, this risk factor increases the rates of interest paid by the customer irrespective of the purpose of the loan or the borrowing. This is because markets have a constant touch and watch on the market and hence it becomes important for those who have borrowed from banks too to have a constant touch with the market to note the changes happening there.

Consumer behavior

the demand for a product depends on how a customer reacts to it based on how a customer relates his needs to the products made available in the shops. Now the first things that he spends his money on are the ones that are quintessential for his day-to-day life. The next is on those he feels is a need but not a very important necessity to be spent on and the last and the final category is the one on which a person spends without any need to actually have them or buy them. Now when there is a change in the market conditions, the first category is the one that a person concentrates on leaving the next two optional. So this directly affects the business.